SAP KeyUser Pro

servicenow certifiedSAP KeyUser Pro is a business solution for supporting SAP (and ERP) environments. It addresses SAP Service Management from Support tickets, via SAP Service requests and Customizing requests to SAP Change & Project Management. It includes enhanced functionalities to find SAP KeyUser and SAP Services for all SAP users. It covers also the integration of external partners into the service workflows of SAP. In principle, it can be customized to supporting any kind of ERP-Systems like Navision and others.

Please contact us for more details and an on-site presentation. SAP KeyUser pro can be implemented very quickly due to its pre-configuration and its immediate availability on the ServiceNow cloud platform. Beside the solution, we offer implementation and customizing support, ServiceNow platform operation and user trainings as well as customized user documentations.

Flyer SAP KeyUser Pro
Demo Video SAP Integration with SAP KeyUser Pro
Download SAP KeyUser Pro from the ServiceNow store.

Key Features

  • Pre-configured SAP service and approval processes customized to the needs of SAP Service Management
  • Pre-configured SAP governance including a role model and board structures
  • Enhanced search functionality for finding KeyUsers and SAP services
  • Managing delegates and absences
  • Tables are pre-filled with dedicated SAP terms (e.g. all SAP modules, common business roles, business processes)
  • The Change & Project Management process is fully aligned with the needs of an ERP environment including proper budget calculation as well as the inclusion of 3rd party support and Change/Project portfolio overview
  • Bi-directional interface to SAP GUI and Fiori Client for a seamless process integration with SAP

Application Modules

  • Support Request (1st level)
  • Customizing Request
  • Change & Project Request
  • Services Search and Request
  • KeyUser Search

Service Management Model

Service Management Model