Our approach

We follow a holistic approach when we are going to optimize your Service Management. It is based on a combination of process optimization, role models, and governance. This will be complemented by using tools that run the workflows. Especially for SAP Service Management we offer with out application "SAP KeyUser Pro a pre-configured business solution that is based on best practices of many companies.

In addition, we offer the implementation of an extended workbench that takes over part of your internal IT operation or supports you in your projects. We offer also a full service take over, e.g. implementation of a helpdesk. For your application management we are offering 2nd level support, customizing support and application development for SAP and possibly other application.

Our approach consists of three phases:

Goal setting

During the preparation phase we are analyzing with your team areas with a potential to reduce operational cost through service optimization. As a result, you receive a meaningful business case as well as a planning for the next steps. We also include Change Management tasks into our considerations, because this aspect is a critical success factor. On the one hand side, personal aspects of affected employees must be taken into account.

On the other hand side, your internal IT processes might be adapted accordingly. For tool support, we offer the option to work on your own service management software or to utilize our pre-configured Service Management tool. It is based on best practices from many companies.

As an additional service, we offer the renewal of your internal IT service process map and your incident management through implementing ServiceNow cloud software. It offers the advantage that the configuration of ServiceNow is then customized to your individual needs including integration of outsourcing services into your landscape. Furthermore, you may renew your service management software to a state-of-the art cloud solution. Especially, it offers the option to integrate your SAP support with your infrastructure support structures. This may offer additional cost and optimization potential in the long term.

Transformation and transition

We are setting up a transformation project with you to assure a seamless and frictionless services transformation. The transformation phase includes:

  • Project setup
  • Change Management for organization, IT processes and tool integration
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Possibly tool customization
  • Trainings
  • Solution handover

We accompany you during the whole project phase either supportive or through managing the project completely by one of our experienced project managers including coordination with your internal organization and external partners. The project will be set-up according to your individual needs.

During the transformation phase, all operationally relevant processes and interfaces will be established. During the following transition phase, Knowledge transfer will be assured and the services will smoothly be handed over.

implementing extended workbench or outsourced operation


Our employees will closely work together with your staff to assure an optimal service during ongoing operation. A regular personal exchange is part of it. For ongoing operation we also offer the administration of a ServiceNow instance on which your processes may run.

We have regular quality checks implemented for our service teams. Our key account management keeps regularly in touch with your service organization, so that your requirements will be implemented in time.

You will receive regular service reports in a timely manner about service quality and to comply with all Service level Agreements (SLA).

We are happy to give you more information during a personal meeting. Please get in touch with us and we will show you options how to reduce your operational cost and how to optimize your internal service processes without compromising data protection.