Project Management

A transformation of services or tasks require a solid preparation for your company. We will accompany you very closely during that phase so that a seamless transfer of services is guaranteed. This may be the introduction of our ServiceNow based Service Management solutions and related adaptions to your service organization or the relocation of services to our Competence Center. This phase is very special and need to be customized to your needs.

We support you in setting the targets, for which areas service transitions like outsourcing or outtasking could be useful, followed by a solid business case calculation.

Beside these strategic considerations we are going to plan with you the transformation and transition phase. Besides delivering the technical pre-requisites and the integration of possibly our team into your processes, we pay special attention to your employees. Outsourcing means in many cases also changes to your internal organization. In so far does our approach not only covering process optimizations but also the necessary change management for your processes and internal organization. During this phase we assure the required knowledge management to guarantee, that staff of relocated services gets familiar with your requirements so that they will be optimally integrated into your organization.

When the transformation and transition phase is completed, we assure delivery of services as defined within service level agreement. You will then receive regular reports from our key account management to monitor our service delivery.